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Brainbyte's Sunny Side Pup Club NFTs with Humane Utility Launching July 2nd

Join us at the Sunny Side Pup Club to help benefit dog rescue, social justice, and more!

Join us at the Sunny Side Pup Club to help benefit dog rescue, social justice, and more!

A sample of 9 of our psychedelic sci-fi Sunny Side Pups!

A sample of 9 of our psychedelic sci-fi Sunny Side Pups!

This Sunny Side Pup is ready for you to take home, he won't bite, we promise.

This Sunny Side Pup is ready for you to take home, he won't bite, we promise.

We support humane efforts to rescue dogs, social justice, and help many of our own team members survive inhumane living conditions in Ukraine, Africa, and Asia.

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.”
— John Lennon
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2022 / -- Sunny Side Pup Club™
Building the future one pup at a time...

“Walking Dead meets Andy Warhol”

“Psychedelic Sci-Fi Goodness”

“Bow Wow!”

"Horror, Humor, and Fashion!"

The artist Brainbyte™, who has been online since the early 80s is launching his first limited mint of the Sunny Side Pup Club™ NFT collection, only 111 will be available during this Genesis phase, they have special utility which will last a lifetime.

The goals of the Sunny Side Pup Club™ include the ongoing creation of a 3D game experience and animated YouTube series, both based on the psychedelic science-fiction lore of these unique Pups. We intend on launching additional collections as we grow the brand, which will allow us to continue to expand the project as well as the charitable benefits we support.

We are hosting two AMAs on Friday July 1st. The first AMA will be at 11am PST on the official Sunny Side Pup Club Discord, and the second will be 7pm PST on Twitter Spaces
Both AMAs will feature special giveaways, announcements, and Q&A meet and greet with Brainbyte™, who is vegan now and a lifelong Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars fan. He also loves to listen to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles!

What does any of this mean?
We are using NFTs to help improve the world.
Every project Brainbyte™ creates will focus on various initiatives which improve the world in some way. In this case we are benefiting dog rescue efforts, social justice, and what we like to call human utility.

What is human utility?
It means that most of the people on our team come from war-torn countries including Ukraine, poverty-stricken areas in Africa and Asia. Parts of the world lacking opportunity and humane living conditions including adequate healthcare, food supply, and clean water. By minting (purchasing) one of our Sunny Side Pup Club™ NFTs, you are directly helping these people on our team to not only survive but improve themselves. They all are young, generally in their 20s and are not only taking care of their families at a young age by working underpaid jobs. They are also studying to become software developers, interior designers, artists, and more in their “spare time”. We are featuring the members of our team on our Sunny Side Pup Club™ Web site with short bios each of them wrote, so people minting our Pups can get to know who they are helping.

Boundaries are illusions and only create more problems. All of us together globally can create whatever world we imagine. Right now, our world is more of a dystopia. Do any of us truly want this for ourselves and our children? What we are calling Web3 offers us a new chance to change the course of human history and finally work towards the opposite, which is a utopian society. Where everyone matters and everyone succeeds, when we all work together to help each other do so. That is our goal here. Sounds like a lot of work, and it is, that’s why we say “This NFT needs you!” because it does. The NFTs are a catalyst to make real changes in the world happen for the common good.

Gene Roddenberry had it right with Star Trek, that paradigm of a United Federation of Planets. Helping and supporting each other in a humane way is truly the only sustainable way for humanity to survive into the bright future. There is no time left, we must all take appropriate action to address the countless vital issues humanity faces. Therefore Brainbyte™ intends on improving the world in a highly focused way through the Sunny Side Pup Club™ and additional projects he has yet to launch. Including DemonGirlz™ created by a 13 year old girl to help her mother who is stricken with Multiple Sclerosis and will benefit MS research, Loiss™ an LGBTQ+ fine artist benefiting women globally, she died over 20 years ago, but her work lives on, and other projects yet to be announced.

Brainbyte™, the creator of the Sunny Side Club™ has over 30 years of experience in film, television, music, games, and more, he is an early adopter of technology, always at the crossroads of creative and tech. He created his first digital fine art in 1994 including Hempworks™, the first cannabis digital fine art ever created and now available on OpenSea as NFTs. In addition, he also is offering a collection of 26 pieces of his early digital art titled Electric Screegin Vohomba™, also available on OpenSea.

You can follow the Sunny Side Pup Club™ on Twitter at

He created his Discord community which can be found at for the Sunny Side Pup Club™. This is the heart of the community and where all the team members work daily to support the project in the hopes that it will grow into something they can all be part of for years to come.

Brainbyte™ also created a Spatial 3D art gallery with samples from the Sunny Side Pup Club™ collection. You can explore the art gallery online here

Not only that, he’s on TikTok! You can view his videos which are a mixture of Sunny Side Pup Club™ and just fun, weird, random stuff

If you’re more into Instagram here you go

And if you’d like to mint any of the vintage digital fine art Brainbyte™ created in 1994, those pieces are available on OpenSea right now.


Electric Screegin Vohomba™

Press, business, and other inquiries may be directed to Brainbyte™ through email

He is continuously creating new partnerships and collaborations in the creative blockchain Web3 space and looks forward to speaking with you. Live Long and Prosper. May The Force Be With You Always...

Jeffrey Rubin
Brainbyte, LLC
Visit us on social media:

Sunny Side Pup Club™ Art Gallery Video

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